Here are the steps:

  1. Turn ignition off before making cable connections.
  2. Clamp the positive (red +) clamp to the positive terminal on the vehicle battery
      (for negative ground system), or an alternate vehicle starting point as
    recommended by vehicle manufacturer.
  3. Clamp the negative (black –) clamp to the vehicle ground (non-moving metal part,
    such as the vehicle frame). 
  4. Make sure the cables are not in the path of moving engine parts (belts, fans, etc.).
  5. Start the vehicle (turn on the vehicle ignition). If the vehicle doesn’t start within 6 seconds, let the jump starter cool
    for 3 minutes before attempting to start the vehicle again or you may damage it.
  6. When the vehicle is started, disconnect the negative (–) battery clamp from the
    vehicle frame and return it to its holster.
  7. Disconnect the positive (+) clamp and return it to it’s holster.


After a single jump start: 1 hour
After multiple jump starts: 12 hours or overnight
After using as portable power: 24-36 hours